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Apex Legends Mobile For Android Beta Release Date

Apex Legends Mobile release date

Apex Legends Mobile

Today's topic will be about the Apex Legends Mobile release date, the new version that was announced for Android phones.

After Respawn announced the Apex Legends Mobile game about 6 months ago, many trial versions of this game were released in various countries around the world. 

All of these versions were released for the purpose of testing and for the company to solve all the existing problems in order to finally be completed offered to all countries of the world.

The game, after trying the first beta versions, was suffering from major problems, including the problem, whether from the game server too far, which makes you play with more than 200 in ping, as well as from problems present in the game. 

Version after version these problems began to be less explicit and now became The game is much better than the first version, which is not suitable for play.

Apex Legends Mobile release date for Android

The company Respawn that produced this game has officially announced a new beta version that will be released next September for Android phones. This version will be available for Egypt, Turkey, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, so if you live in one of these countries I mentioned to you Now you have to go directly and make a pre-registration in order to try this version.

Apex Legends Mobile Release Date For IOS

The iPhone version has not been talked about by the company at all, and it is expected that it will be released when all beta versions of Apex Legends Mobile end.

About Apex Legends

The game was released on the computer in 2019 on February 4 without prior announcement or media coordination of the date of the descent and it was surprising for users and was released for Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The game was worked on and developed in late 2016 and the development and production of the game was secret, and the game got 10 to 8 million users per week in the early days of its launch.

Apex Legends Mobile

To sign up for Apex legends Mobile: 

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