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Escape Lab, a fun online game for two players that will put your friendship to the test

In the Google Play Store we find a large number of applications and games for all tastes, and if we focus on the latter, we often lose sight of the real gems because they are not among the most popular games. That might be the case with Escape Lab, a fun online game for two players that will undoubtedly put your friendship to the test.

Escape Lab

Escape Lab is a free two player escape room game, played online, which means we can play it at home without having to sit together. 

This game requires constant communication with our friend, for example, through a voice call.

The mechanics of this game follow the line of a typical escape room: escape the room before we are captured. Specifically, this game is set in the lab of psychiatrist Dr. Holmes, where you are locked up. 

The game shows you the terrible experiences that Dr. Holmes will try on you and you can just avoid being someone's hero by using your ingenuity to escape.

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Escape Lab features high-quality graphics that recreate the dark and gloomy atmosphere of classic horror movies. 

In this game, it will be very important for you to cooperate with your friend to solve puzzles and thus escape from the laboratory. To achieve this, you can interact with the objects that you find in the room by simply touching them.

According to the developers of this game, it takes between an hour and an hour and a half to escape from the lab, although you always have the option to pause the game and restart later if you don't have time to finish the game at once.

Escape Lab is a game that you can download for free from the Google Play mobile app store, so if you love multiplayer games, you can not stop trying Escape Lab, a game for Android devices that will test your skills in Escape Rooms and a relationship with your friend, partner or family member.

The link if you want to play it with someone else: Escape Lab

The link if you want to play it on your own without anyone's help: Escape Lab