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Battlefield Mobile Release Date And Download

Battlefield Mobile release date

Battlefield Mobile

The release date of Battlefield Mobile for Android and iPhone has been officially announced by EA, which has announced it exclusively.

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Battlefield Mobile Official Announcement

After EA officially unveiled the Battlefield game for Android phones and iPhones during the past few months, EA has now officially announced it and revealed the expected release date, as well as some very exclusive information.

Battlefield Mobile

The first step that EA did is to put the game on the Google Play Store for pre-registration there, so that it was downloaded to the Philippines and Indonesia, and they can now pre-register for this game. 

The company also revealed exclusive images of this game that were also placed in the Google Play Store Which shows screenshots from inside the gameplay, which is very similar to the famous PC version of Battlefield, so that it comes online and you can play it with your friends just like the Code Mobile game on the phone.

If you live in a country other than Indonesia and the Philippines, you can also make a pre-registration, but through the Chinese Tai Tap store, which officially placed the game there.

Specifications required to run Battlefield Mobile

Battlefield Mobile

EA has not officially specified the specifications that you will need to run the game on your phone, but at least it must be available on your phone with Android 7.0 and a medium or powerful processor, EA will announce the official specifications at a later time when the first version of the Battlefield Mobile game is released.

Battlefield Mobile release date

According to the official article published by EA on its official website, the Battlefield Mobile game will be released in the first weeks of fall of this year for Android phones only, this version is a beta version and will be available on the Google Play Store, but only for the Philippines and Indonesia.

Download Battlefield Mobile

Battlefield Mobile

EA also announced that the Battlefield Mobile game will be free on the phone, and you will be able to purchase Battle Passes and skins from within the game store.

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Battlefield Mobile from Google Play Store

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