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Top 5 Best Football Games For Android In 2022 [Online/Offline]

Best football games for android 2022 Offline/Online

Top 5 Best Football Games For Android

On this Countdown we will download the 5 Best Football Games For Android Offline/Online for the new year 2022. Of course, these games include an Internet game and the rest without the Internet. 

Which football game is the best in 2022?

  1. FIFA 22
  3. PES 2022 MOBILE
  4. FTS 22
  5. DLS 2022

There are also games for weak and strong devices, and there are also various games, largely and suitable for all Android versions. 

Best football games for android 2022

In this article we will review these various and interesting games in the first series of the series of the best football games for Android 2022, iPhone, offline and online for the 2022 season.

Best Football Games For Android 2022

1. FIFA 22

The first game with us is the video today, which is a FIFA 22 game without the Internet. Of course, I'm not going to tell you that I gave you the strongest version that I downloaded among many copies. Because in this version you can enjoy the new menus and the high quality. And the last kits and transfers for all clubs. 

And also, you have many championships, including the European Champions League. And the beautiful feature in football games is cake-off. Sure, this game is a mod, but it's terrible. In it, you can enjoy the modern additions, as well as the varied graphics and the gym play. 

Download FIFA 22 


The second game, which is a new football game, called SOCCER SUPER STAR. I think if your device is weak and you want a light soccer game like this. There is nothing better than choosing this game. And her story is that she is coming in the same way as Score Hero. But here in the simplicity of play. 

You can also play infinite, not limited, for example, like hearts that you lose and that's it, at the beginning of the game, you train, but the way, after that either you finish, you start by choosing the player and also the country. But here the country you choose is very important. Because you will play in its own league.

But the advantage here is that it remains in the atmosphere and light smooth gameplay. With the sounds, the fans and the festivities, it's all well done, frankly. It is also intended for very weak devices. You can now download it from Google Play with a normal size of 200 MB. 


3. PES 2022 MOBILE

Certainly, football games will not be spared from us except when we have to talk about PES Mobile, be patients if you download this game you will find a patch to play for the new season, because it is so far updated 2021. And this patch you will find updated lists and scoreboard for the new year, also, with the licensing of all clubs and the presence of the latest kits and players in the game. 

For those who do not know it, it is a free game that needs the Internet. You can also play it with your friends in the simplest way, and it always depends on assembling a team and playing in patterns, and from here the competition increases. 

As for the devices, it needs a medium or powerful device to operate it. If your device is suitable and you like football games, then you must download this game for your convenience. 

And in order to enjoy this game more, you must add it to today's patch. Now you can install the game easily by downloading a file and transferring it to the Android path, then the Opi B, then the Konami Base file and paste it inside and agree to the replacement. 

Download PES 2022 MOBILE

4. FTS 22

That is exactly why I bring you the famous FTS 22 game, a full version, which is characterized by the African Champions League and Arab clubs, you will find it without problems, alone in all the clubs. 

For the sake of playing in European clubs, you will find all the major leagues, i think this game always depends on simplicity. And for that, it is a light game, and also for weak devices and without the Internet. 

Download FTS 22

5. DLS 2022

The last game, which is the most beloved game for fans of football games on the phone. It is Dream League Soccer. The mod remains the one that brought you, and it is considered an alternative mod to the one i posted before on the channel. And the video will give you a chance to know how to install the files. 

But the important thing is the version with us that is also considered the strongest for the new year, With the advantage of infinite money, and the complete and strongest team is considered to be yours and through which you can compete with any opponent or other team in the game. 

Through the game, there are no problems with cutting or anything like that. Really, a very sweet version, and I will be sharing it with you at this download button.

Download DLS 2022

Best football game for android free download

If we forget any of the Best football games for android 2022, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest android app and game lists

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