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Top 5 Best ONLINE Multiplayer Games For Android [Updated Sep 2021]

Best online multiplayer games for android

best online multiplayer games for android

Today's topic will be about new online games that we can play with friends for Android, these games are very fun and work on all phones.

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Which is the best online game for android?

  1. Truck Simulator Ultimate
  2. Crime Corp
  3. Project Arrival
  4. Six.A Raider Mission
  5. Tv Head

There is no doubt that everyone is looking for new online games that you can play with your friends via the Internet, of course, so today I will present to you 5 games with friends online for Android.

1. Truck Simulator Ultimate

The best and most powerful game similar to the original truck simulator game that is already on the computer, as the latter is available in the offline phase of the profession and the online mode with friends so that you can roam around the game map and the various existing cities. 

As well as you can deliver goods and other things , a more than enjoyable game that just came out recently and is expected to achieve a very big success.

Download Truck Simulator Ultimate

2. Crime Corp

A new game has just been launched on the store and it comes with a different idea of ​​playing from the rest of the games that you have already tried on your phone, so that in this game you create your own gang and start robbing shops etc., a very fun game that comes online as well, It also has a total size of more than 1.4 GB after installation.

Download Crime Corp

3. Project Arrival

A very powerful story game that was downloaded during the last period on Android, and the latter is a qualitative leap for future phone games as it comes with gameplay and graphics as if it were a game for console devices and not for the phone, so that the game has strong cinematic clips and very difficult stages in order to survive, the game comes online And a size of more than 4 GB.

Download Project Arrival

4. Six.A Raider Mission

A new Battle Royale game that is similar to both Free Fire in terms of graphics and PUBG Mobile in terms of gameplay, a very interesting game that comes with features for the first time you will see in the Battle Royale game before. 

Such as the presence of some monsters in the game map that if you kill them you get a legendary lot and becomes The monster is yours to help you in the rest of the gym, also when you go down to the game map, you get down with two weapons and start collecting the rest of the other lot.

Download Six.A Raider Mission

5. Tv Head

A new horror game that came out on the Google Play Store recently, and the idea is that you collect some supplies in the game map and avoid a dangerous monster that has the head of the TV. This other fun game comes fully offline and the total size does not reach 100 megabytes.

Download Tv Head

Best online games for android 2021

If we forget any of the Best online multiplayer games for android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest android app and game lists

best online games for android 2021

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